jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Pese a la crisis, las habilidades de comunicación todavía cuentan

En un reciente trabajo de investigación, Steve Knight, profesor de la escuela francesa de negocios Insead, ha descubierto que, pese a la crisis económica, las habilidades de comunicación siguen siendo las más valoradas por aquellas empresas que buscan reclutar a MBA´s de prestigio. Y entre ellas destacan las competencias para realizar presentaciones eficaces.

Knigt piensa que "people today expect to be communicated with on a regular basis and, as communication has been greatly facilitated by technology, expectations are higher".

“We don’t expect our leaders to be sitting in ivory towers anymore looking over us and we just obey every single word – and that’s changing right across the world. We question, we put (them) on the spot, we want to know why people are doing something, why they’re telling us to do this.”

“Employees are questioning CEOs etc, and quite rightly. So everyone has to be more open and honest and transparent, and be able to communicate with confidence, style and passion to inspire people; because if they don’t, they’re not going to be up there very long.”

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